How I enjoys when I getting old ~ Duck Koay Teow Tng

Accidentally found this store sometime 2 years ago..............Store started business from around 7am till 12pm sharp. Once it reach 12pm, the owner will stop selling even there are still left of ingredient to continue business. Very "Yao Yeng" rite! kekekeke......I love it so much is because the soup is very clear, very tasty and totally no duck smell at al. The koay teaw noodle came with very soft yet very texture when bite. The fish ball is very tender and "Q". The most important is the duck meat, the texture is very firm when bite, tender, tasty, and totally has no duck smell at all........I always come back from time to time if I managed to go out for lunch early. Have you tried?


Eam Huat Charcoal Steamboat

Once upon a time, Jalan Raja Uda, Butterworth used to be a place to enjoy delicious steamboat with lots of food hunter steaming from all places, including myself. Ziwei Steamboat once well known for its steamboat which served fresh ingredients. But sadly lost its glory after being famous.

Found this shop opposite my friend house and patronized this place with few best friends. Surprisingly the taste is really good and delicious. The steamboat comes in four options with price ranges from RM40, RM50 and RM80. We ordered RM40 with Fresh Grouper Fish plus some additional dishes, total cost of RM72. The portion was really big till we hardly move after the meal. The clear soup with yam taste was great. Homemade meatballs and Fook Chau fish ball are very delicious and tender. Will you try this steamboat?


Western Diner’s @ The CEO

Sometime we don't realize that we don't have to go far to get good things to eat.

Western Diner's owner Ian Lim is a very experienced western food chef, used to work as Western chefs in the cruise around the world as well as other western countries. Was attached to Penang - Shangri-La Rasa Sayang Hotel, . After married, both settled down and started their own western restaurant. The shop is not big, simple design and decoration, clean and bright located at The CEO building (behind Vistana Bukit Jambul).

The shop menu consist of six sets lunch/dinner. We can choose Ala-carte too. Big portion with great taste (can be compared to 5-star restaurant and hotels) for just only RM19.90. So, have your had your Steak?

Chef Ian Lim - 012-554-5004
Western Diner's
31-1-8, Lebuh Nipah 5, Bayan Lepas, 11950, Penang
Starter - Salad 
Seafood Lasagna
Seafood Spahetti
Salmon Spaghetti
Rib Eye Steak
Checken Piccata Milanaise
Dessert - the cake is very nice


Had you "KUI DIAO" yet?

Koay Teow is a tradition food from mainland China. Popular among Teowchew and Hokkien people, made from rice grind into powder, adding water to become slurry and steaming into a thin flat strips. This tradition food was introduced to Malaysia and Southeast Asia when our ancestors migrated here.

Koay Teow soup boiled with pig or chicken big bones, some will use beef bones as substituted. Koay Teow itself has no taste, by adding in the meat and ingredients making the taste nicer.

This stall had been in this location for decades and still standing strong as because of the soup is clear and sweet with meat taste, mix well with ingredients and sauce. Chicken meat is just right in cooking and very tender.

Small bowl just selling RM3 and big bowl is selling RM3.50.


Clear Soup or Tom Yam?

Found in this shop by accident. Actually wanted to go to Lebuh Cecil flat for oysters noodle, but arrived too early and the shop is not open for business yet. So I drove around the area and to look for other good and delicious food. While searching I found this newly open noodle shop..just started with their business not too long ago. Up till now, the owner only sell Clear Soup and Tom Yam, with many ingredients to add on…such as mantis prawn, pork, fish meat etc…etc. I love the fried fish and mantis prawn, it’s very crisp, very tender.

Clear soup coupled with minced meat and rice noodle makes the broth very sweet, minced meat very tendered. Really good to have it especially in the rainy days or when you are not feeling well. Tom Yam noodles, served with fried fish and mantis prawn making it a perfect match and the Tom Yam soup is not very spicy.

Blended Nutmeg Juice is another attraction in this shop. Cool Nutmeg Juice is a really Thirst Quencher drink for everyone…can also add sour plum.

Summary, the noodle is not expensive in overall. The shop open daily from 11:30am till night time. Closed on Thursdays.