Yan Kheng Heritage Hotel and Restaurant

Special thanks to my cousin who work as restaurant manager Ooi Ai Sze to introduce such special Hainanese dishes to a group of hungry ghost to have a chance to tasted the famous dishes in Yankheng restaurant. Did paid attention to this place every time pass thru Chulia Street by never have a chance to try. Recently only have good time to enjoy it with those gang.
Hainanese spring rolls, is one of the signature dishes in restaurant. The big spring rolls can be cut into three sectional, dipped with special sauce, accompanied with Hainanese spring rolls, make a really perfect match, crispy and delicious.
Hainanese Chicken Chop which is also a restaurant signature dishes. Chicken steak fried to crunchy, but still kept the sensuality of the chicken, topped with a special Hainanese flavor sauce, good to eat.
Hainanese Fried noodles, signature dishes not to be missed. Really good to eat.
Hainanese lamb stew. All along, I cannot stand the smell of mutton and eat it due to hearty up my body to get sick. But this plate of lamb still is working to my liking, not fishy taste with just right. But still did not dare to eat too much, afraid hearty body.
This chicken pie is the specialty of a night's. Crispy crust comes with butter creamy make all of us hard to resist to starts to taste it. The exciting moment is when the crust felt into the chicken meat and dipped after cut the sauce, making it more delicious and bringing out the taste. A must ordered dish.
Lamb Roll. According to chef, lamb roll required 1 days marinated in advance by adding spinach and garlic into it. Gravy shed before served to bring down the smell of the lamb to minimum. The meat tastes good, accompanied by vegetables. You will smell and taste whiskey that added to bring out the delicious lamb...............
Hot sour fish is one of recommendation dishes. Not sour and  not too spicy, the taste is just right. Matched well with rice.
The last recommended dishes is Yam Duck, which is high promoted by the chef. If the soup is to reduce some ginger and add little bit of yam, will make the dish even more perfect and better.
Above recommended dishes taste are more strong, not recommend to order all of them. Slowly assessment the taste will be more wonderful.


Eté Café - Gateau1895 (France Dessert)

Recently more and more foreigners come to Penang to start their cuisine businesses by introducing their national traditional cuisine not only introduced to the local Penang people, but also beneficial to all Malaysian and foreign tourists.

Venessa and her husband, with their lovely daughter, let go of their business from Taiwan and moved to Penang for relocation with the reasons of Penang economic, lifestyle, language and international schools for their children.

In 2005, the couple made a big decision to closed down their business in Taipei and went to France's to learned western bakery from most famous Cordon Bleu cooking school. After pick up the experience, they decided to come to Penang to open their dessert and cuisine business.

I fell in love with their Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, one and only that sell in Penang. A cup of coffee cost  RM50 make me falls in love with it. The taste stayed in my mouth and throat, a long time still. Served without sugar and accompanied by moist chocolate cake was a perfect match.

oh ............................. till now, I think of it till my is drooling.

If you have not tried, one of the choice to drop by.
Location : 79, Lebuh Carnarvon, Georgetown, 11600, Penang
Hours : Mon – Sun 11am – 6pm
Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee (RM50)
Home Pizza


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