Nyonya Chang

Special ordered all the way from Melaka. Purple color is from Morning Glory Flower. The flower taste will stick on your teeth and lips and smell good from time to time.

Best Melaka Lemak Laksa

This is still the best among all that I had tried in Melaka. Accordingly, taste still maintained as it's original taste.


Amy Heritage Nyonya Cuisine Map

Went down to Melaka to attended friend wedding and take a chance to try out few nice good foods by helping from Edmund and family.
Amy Heritage Nyonya Cuisine
75, Jalan Melaka Raya 24,
Taman Melaka Raya, 75000, Melaka
Tel 06-868819

Ayam Pongteh
This is another traditional nyonya dish that not missed. The dish would be much better if it's cook with Pork. My favorite especially the kuah heat it up and serve with white bread in the morning as breakfast.

Udang Lemak Nenas
This is another traditional nyonya dish that not missed. The dish that I love the most. Just simply the best.

Ikan Kuah Lada
This is the traditional nyonya dish that you should not missed. According to baba and nyonya practice, kuah lada will be served with "you cha kuai" in the next morning if the kuah is still left over and better taste.

Udang Goreng Asam
The dish that my mum always cooked when I was small. I miss my mum cooking.

Bendi Kukus
Bendi is steam and served with special made shrimp sambal. Simple dish yet taste perfect good when served with rice.

Toufu Goreng
It's just a normal dish that most of chinese restaurant will served.

Chap Chye
It's just a normal dish that most of chinese restaurant will served.

Telur Cincaluk
Looks simple but it's nice with cincaluk smell.

Kangkung Titik Lemak
Cooked with special owned made sambal. Very nice.


Perak Road Traditional Loh Mee

This loh mee store was recommended by Ah Hien if you are his fans. I love it due to it’s still carry a traditional loh mee taste (古早味). I would say, people goes to the coffee shop also just because of loh mee. Tryout yourself and see you have the same taste as me.

Chowrasta Market @ Penang Road

Got up at 8am during public holidays is kind of impossible mission for me. But due to good food cari-cari makan, pushing up myself for it. Heard for friend that you can find traditional good local foods in Chowrasta Market. This round, we just target for only Koay Tiaw Soup and chee cheong fun. 1st high recommendation is chai kuih which located just beside soya bean store. The skin is very soft and tender when bite. Fast selling items in that market. Be there before 9am or else, please come back next time. Koay Tiaw Soup just located inside the coffee shop behind the chai kuih store. Please bare in mind that you have to share table if you or your group are not many people. If you wanna wait, 30min is minimum and still not guarantee that you can get a table to seat. The people there just waiting for koay tiaw soup are really scary. Hong Kong style chee cheong fun store is just beside the corner food court that you should try out.

Lily’s Vegetarian Kitchen – Macalister Road

I like this restaurant is not because of I am vegetarian lovers but because of the restaurant providing lots of different kind of local hookers foods with good taste rather than traditional vegetarian foods that we usually goes. 3 of us ordered 7 dishes total and all are above expectation except nasi kandar. May be because of the curry that cook totally not my expectation or because my mind had programmed with traditional nasi kandar flavors already. I love the chee cheong fun. It taste much better than traditional chee cheong fun that we usually ordered. Yam popiah is another highly recommended dish that must try.

Ferringhi Garden – Batu Ferringhi

Went with a few good photographing kaki for food hunts. This is my 2nd time went to the place for dinner. The restaurant was decorated with full of trees and plantations providing very cozy environment to relax, gathering, enjoying nice foods and tasting a wine. Different anger having different ambient. Foods served in very big portions. So, do ask before ordered as you might not able to finish it. We took a lots of portrait photos around restaurant. Highly recommended for those dating couple, functions and gathering.