Makan-Makan Introduction Again - Part 8

Ho Ping Coffee shop at Jalan Pinang should be exited more than a decades. It served good and penang local taste which chinese called 古早味.
Found this shop when me and my lunch mates round and round in town till we do not know where to go for lunch anymore. I knew this shop selling famous pork bihun soup during night time. Beef ball koay tiaw noddle is 1 of the hilite to everyone that knowing this coffee shop when ordered. Even I do not take beef, but I did try the soup. It's so tasty. Highly recommended if that it's one of the best beef noddle in town. Another hilite is sar hur fan (炒河粉) and fried bi hun. The deep fry hur fan served with sticky gravy full with inner pork ingredients. 3rd is fried kuih tiaw (炒果条), simple, nice and tasty with deep fry. One of best in town.
4th, loh bak. I don't say it's nice but don't mind to try. If wanna compare to the loh bak from Kheng Pin Kafe, it's only 50% from the taste to say nice.
Char Koay Tiaw store at junction of Siam Road and Anson Road
Char Koay Tia store at Siam Road can consider one of the older store in Penang. Originally located just opposite the road side which just in front of Anson road. Koay Tiaw fried with charcoal with 古早味.

Makan-Makan Introduction Again - Part 9

Kampung Kuala Juru – Warung Pak Su Mee Udang
385, Mk 12, Bagan Nyior Juru,14000 Bukit Mertajam, S.P.T012-4090771/012-4935771Opening : Monday – Sunday 12:30pmFriday : 11:30amClosed : ThursdayRecently my mind keep triggered me should go back to for Mee Udang that I used to go 10 years ago. Invited my 3 makan-makan kaki for my cari-cari mission. We went on Saturday 12pm.
As usual, we ordered the most famous mee udang with portion of 4 (propose for 2 persons portion if you wish to order others dishes), 4 ketam masak chili pedas and siakap ikan bakar. Mee Udang comes with more than 24 prawns hiding underneath the noodle and decoration. If you are prawn lover, you should not miss it. The soup is so tasty. Most of us enjoys the most still ketam masak chili pedas. The soup is so spicy and tasty.
The siakap ikan bakar making the whole makan-makan so satisfied till end of the world.
Overall the foods are so good till don’t know how to descript in words. Try out yourself. Total cost of RM120 with more than 24 of prawn, 4 crab’s, a siakap and 8 classes of Ice Lemon Tea.

Seberang Jaya – Taman Tun Hussien Onn Hokkien Mee.
Got to know this shop in 2003 when I stayed at Taman Tun Hussien Onn. The hokkien mee is well known around this resident area. The soup is very strong in prawn taste and full with ingredients. I always love to ordered with Hokkien mix Loh gravy. Fried Jawa Mee is another recommended dish to try out. It taste strong in tomato source and fried with potatoes and prawn. Loh Han Guo comes with full of ingredients that really good mix in taste to clear you’re thirsty. Try it out if you happen to go to Carrefour Seberang Jaya. Shop starts business at 10:30am till 6pm. Close on Tuesday.
Bandar Perda Jaya Jusco – Black Canyon Restaurant
Black Canyon Restaurant not new to everybody now a day if you always visit to Bandar Perda Jaya Jusco. If you are coffee lover, it’s highly recommended and much cheaper compare to Starbuck or Coffee Bean. I did introduced Black Canyon Coffee before in previous series. This time, we dropped by for chit-chat after our lunch that highly recommended by Emily to try out Arabica Coffee. The coffee comes in small cup but very strong in taste and served with jasmine tea and honey. 3 ladies ordered the Arabica coffee and I tried out Black Canyon Ice Coffee (taste like Hong Kong Yin Yong which mean coffee plus tea). It would taste more perfect if mix Arabica coffee into Black Canyon Ice coffee.

Makan-Makan Introduction Again - Part 10

BM-Jalan Kulim Underneath Tree – Famous Ice KacangThe Ice Kacang underneath the tree at Jalan Kulim should not new to people from Bukit Mertajam. The slice ice is so soft and served with gula Melaka, santan and the crucnchy peanut to bite. There are few food stores that you can try on such as Kari Mee, Hokkien Mee, Char Koay Teow, but more famous are fried prawn kuih (虾并), laksa, tu bu sui(猪姆酸)and jiu hu end chai. This is our 2nd stop after Yam Rice at 2:30pm.
Jalan Kulim-Cendol PulutFamous dessert for hot weather and after lunch. The Cendol with big tender red bean comes served with santan (coconut milk) and pulut makes the cendol so tasty and special. Pulut can be added upon request just cost additional 10cent.
Our 3rd stop at around 3pm.Kota Permai – Laksa and Chai Kuih at Kota Permai is not well known to many people except people are staying near the taman. The store starts at 2:30pm and finish at 5pm. We went there around 4pm and the left not much to buy.Taman Sri Rambai Bak Kut TehGood Master Restoran Bak Kut Teh was voted top 10 Bah Kut Teh in northern region by Kuang Ming News Paper. The shop starts business at 5pm. Closed on Monday. It’s either to order soup or dry (must wait for 30 min and not offered during Sunday and public holidays).Chai Ling Park Wai Sik Kai – 汤水There are so many 清补凉 at Chai Ling Part 贪吃街. But I still prefer Hello Kitty that I had visited since 8 years ago. It’s better than any store in 贪吃街 that I had tried in Penang Island and Prai. We went the at 6pm.Raja Uda – Fried Yao Cha KuihIf you had tried out famous steamboat at Raja Uda, sure you have aware of the store that selling 油炸鬼 by few very young guys. It’s so crunchy and crispy. They have 2 stores which located at Raja Uda Wai Sei Kai and opposite famous steamboat restaurant. Do try it and will not regret. We went there at 7pm.Taman Sri Rambai Foodcourt – Belachan Fried ChickenEverywhere now selling belachan fried chicken in Penang. But the 1st belachan fried chicken and still the best in taste is located at Taman Sri Rambai foodcourt. The skin is so crispy and the meat is very juicy. 100% guarantee if you tried this sure you can’t find any other store that can beat except another store in Kota Permai that only sell during day time which I would consider as 2nd best. This is our last stop for the makan-makan at 8pm.


Kedai Kopi New Cathay - Belisah Rol/Lorong Kuching

Got to know this coffee shop from colleague which well know for famous Roti Babi…. However, been there for 4 times but still not managed to try out roti babi instead getting to know there is so much local Penang specialties that so famous in taste. Pictures below are the specialties which had been introduced in news paper, Rasa-Rasa Penang foods and even foods program from TV. Curry Mee, Hokkien Mee, Kuih Chiap, Sar Hor Fun and Wan Tan Mee all finish very fast. If you lucky enough to reach there at 12pm and still available but mostly all been sold out before 12pm. The Fried Pancake with banana, egg and dried grapefruit is something different that I have not tried before. The wan tan taste is like dim sum siew mai. What I would say is just good place to introduce which one coffee shop that covered all. Enjoy!!!!
Coffee Shop Map

Coffee Shop Outlook
Fried Pancake

Famous Wan Tan Mee

Koay Chiap (果汁) Famous Hokkien Mee
Famous Curry Mee
Fried Hor Fun