Chowrasta Market @ Penang Road

Got up at 8am during public holidays is kind of impossible mission for me. But due to good food cari-cari makan, pushing up myself for it. Heard for friend that you can find traditional good local foods in Chowrasta Market. This round, we just target for only Koay Tiaw Soup and chee cheong fun. 1st high recommendation is chai kuih which located just beside soya bean store. The skin is very soft and tender when bite. Fast selling items in that market. Be there before 9am or else, please come back next time. Koay Tiaw Soup just located inside the coffee shop behind the chai kuih store. Please bare in mind that you have to share table if you or your group are not many people. If you wanna wait, 30min is minimum and still not guarantee that you can get a table to seat. The people there just waiting for koay tiaw soup are really scary. Hong Kong style chee cheong fun store is just beside the corner food court that you should try out.

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