Best Curry Fish Head in Alor Setar

Passed by and saw a huge bungalow house when on my way home after lunch with family during 9 days vegetarian last month. Asked mum and dad about what is this bungalow about and they told me it's a famous curry fish head in Alor Setar. This round went back, arranged a date with family members to try out.The curries are really goods. it's worth trying especially the sambal belachan. It's exactly how my grandma prepared. I missed it so much everytime my grandma prepared during Chinese new year. Total cost for 1 curry fish head, 4 sotong, 2 big prawn, 2 veges and 1 fried egg with 6 rices and drink is just RM39.00. Do check out this place if you happen to go to Alor Setar. But, the taste is up to individual as different people might has different taste and requirement.

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