Makan-Makan Introduction Again - Part 8

Ho Ping Coffee shop at Jalan Pinang should be exited more than a decades. It served good and penang local taste which chinese called 古早味.
Found this shop when me and my lunch mates round and round in town till we do not know where to go for lunch anymore. I knew this shop selling famous pork bihun soup during night time. Beef ball koay tiaw noddle is 1 of the hilite to everyone that knowing this coffee shop when ordered. Even I do not take beef, but I did try the soup. It's so tasty. Highly recommended if that it's one of the best beef noddle in town. Another hilite is sar hur fan (炒河粉) and fried bi hun. The deep fry hur fan served with sticky gravy full with inner pork ingredients. 3rd is fried kuih tiaw (炒果条), simple, nice and tasty with deep fry. One of best in town.
4th, loh bak. I don't say it's nice but don't mind to try. If wanna compare to the loh bak from Kheng Pin Kafe, it's only 50% from the taste to say nice.
Char Koay Tiaw store at junction of Siam Road and Anson Road
Char Koay Tia store at Siam Road can consider one of the older store in Penang. Originally located just opposite the road side which just in front of Anson road. Koay Tiaw fried with charcoal with 古早味.

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