Makan-Makan Introduction Again - Part 9

Kampung Kuala Juru – Warung Pak Su Mee Udang
385, Mk 12, Bagan Nyior Juru,14000 Bukit Mertajam, S.P.T012-4090771/012-4935771Opening : Monday – Sunday 12:30pmFriday : 11:30amClosed : ThursdayRecently my mind keep triggered me should go back to for Mee Udang that I used to go 10 years ago. Invited my 3 makan-makan kaki for my cari-cari mission. We went on Saturday 12pm.
As usual, we ordered the most famous mee udang with portion of 4 (propose for 2 persons portion if you wish to order others dishes), 4 ketam masak chili pedas and siakap ikan bakar. Mee Udang comes with more than 24 prawns hiding underneath the noodle and decoration. If you are prawn lover, you should not miss it. The soup is so tasty. Most of us enjoys the most still ketam masak chili pedas. The soup is so spicy and tasty.
The siakap ikan bakar making the whole makan-makan so satisfied till end of the world.
Overall the foods are so good till don’t know how to descript in words. Try out yourself. Total cost of RM120 with more than 24 of prawn, 4 crab’s, a siakap and 8 classes of Ice Lemon Tea.

Seberang Jaya – Taman Tun Hussien Onn Hokkien Mee.
Got to know this shop in 2003 when I stayed at Taman Tun Hussien Onn. The hokkien mee is well known around this resident area. The soup is very strong in prawn taste and full with ingredients. I always love to ordered with Hokkien mix Loh gravy. Fried Jawa Mee is another recommended dish to try out. It taste strong in tomato source and fried with potatoes and prawn. Loh Han Guo comes with full of ingredients that really good mix in taste to clear you’re thirsty. Try it out if you happen to go to Carrefour Seberang Jaya. Shop starts business at 10:30am till 6pm. Close on Tuesday.
Bandar Perda Jaya Jusco – Black Canyon Restaurant
Black Canyon Restaurant not new to everybody now a day if you always visit to Bandar Perda Jaya Jusco. If you are coffee lover, it’s highly recommended and much cheaper compare to Starbuck or Coffee Bean. I did introduced Black Canyon Coffee before in previous series. This time, we dropped by for chit-chat after our lunch that highly recommended by Emily to try out Arabica Coffee. The coffee comes in small cup but very strong in taste and served with jasmine tea and honey. 3 ladies ordered the Arabica coffee and I tried out Black Canyon Ice Coffee (taste like Hong Kong Yin Yong which mean coffee plus tea). It would taste more perfect if mix Arabica coffee into Black Canyon Ice coffee.

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