Sabah Pan Mee @ Kedai Kopi Kong Bee Lee – Pulau Tikus

Recently everybody talks about Pan Mee in town that recently opened @ Goh Tiao Loh (五条路). Actually, the owner is the younger brother of this original shop that located in Pulau Tikus.

What make the whole pan mee nice and good in the taste is the black source (黑浆油), noodle and the soup.

Black source (黑浆油) is special made with owned recipe which comes with sweet taste. Soup is great to serve without MSG added.

My friend recommended me to try on dry pan mee, the noodle mix welled with the black source to make it so taste, no oily, very dry till not even a dip of black source dropping. 口感真的很好.

I would say this is the best Pan Mee I ever tried in Penang. Highly recommended.

Shop close on every 2 weeks Friday.

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