Kota Kinabalu Free and Easy Trip (18th - 20th April)

Visiting to Borneo is always my dream. This is unplanned trip but just made an suddened decision by taking a chances from Jennifer invitation to stay at Novotel. 3 days 2 nites what can we do there? No Mount KK climbing, no hiking, no snookering, no diving, and no water rafting. Really hard to think of what can we do there. However, it's really enjoying and wonderful trip.
Took off from Penang to KK via KL
When arrived KK is already 11pm. Journey from airport to OneBroneo is around 20min. It's almost 12:30am to take our dinner (dinner, supper or breakfast?) after settle down with check-in.
The room is not big but yet it's nice and warm decoration especially the bathroom. No joke. You can see thru in between the bathroom and the room. How romantic to take shower with someone you love while enjoying the TV program outside................... This is the most famous Sabah Pan Mee in KK. Everybody told me that a must try local dish if visits KK. But for me, I found still KL Pan Mee is the best but no harm to try. Gaya Street Sunday Market
One for the famous spot that must visits and it's only open on Sunday. Started since over hundred years. Business starts from 6:30am to 1pm.
Guest House and coffee Shop beside Gaya Street. You can see there is a lots of foreigner around who stayed there while visiting KK and plan to climb Mount KK and snookering or diving in some beautiful island around Sabah. Cheap and clean guest house.
Massage anyone?
UMS(Uni M'sia Sabah) Aquarium.
Must visits place. Wonderful campus, seaside and free entrance.

Stop by at Mt KK entrance for resting and walking around during our way to Kundansang. The temperature changes from hot to cool. When reach there around 11am. The weather is around 15degree. It's great.
The Resort decoration is simple and very western feel. They served buffet as well but a bit expensive for lunch (RM50) for nothing much choice.
Desa Dairy Farm - Kundansang
Do you see and familiar sceneries? Yes, it's the place where New Zealand milk advertisement shown. Located far inside to the top of the hill from Kundansang town. Very nice and beautiful. Cool weather. For RM 3 per person at 3pm everyday, the farmers will allow you to milk the cows! Fresh cow milk anyone?!Apparently, 3pm is the time that all the cows will come home, back to the farm after the whole morning gazing on the mountains and eating on the grass. What a life!
At Kundansang town, you can see lots of stores selling fresh vege and flowers. Somilar to Cameran Highland? But the vege more fresh and really big in sizes.
Poring Hot Spring after Ranau is another famous place especially for those down from Mt. KK after cool and tired body jump down, what a wonderful enjoyament.
Canopy Walk is just behind the hill of hot spring .It's good 800 meters walk to uphill before you reach the starts point. The tree house just before the walk begins :-). The air is cool and nice up here so that helps when you sweat so much!!
Tat is a very huge and a very tall tree. It is a good 30 - 40 feet above ground! This pathway is not suitable for those who have mobility restrictions. If you are afraid of heights do not attempt this Canopy Walk as you will be at risk of getting stuck and there is no other way down except complete the walk or climbing down the tree trunks!
On the journey back to KK town around 5pm, the sky change. Amazing view when the sun start to leave for the horizon ..... it is like on a postcard!
The view at sunset. The landscape changes color from what was so green earlier to a really brown and rustic scenery ...... amazing!
After the long journey to the mountain and back to KK town, we relaxed at KK Water Front for drinks and dinner. The board walk ..... you be surprised, the water down the board walk is crystal clear!
Sunset view at KK Water Front. Another great place that you must not miss it.
Quote from Edmund........
When the sun is setting
When your mind is free
When it is others that you are thinking
Do think a little of me ...... :)
That's end our 3 days 2 nits free and easy trip in KK. Good memories and nice explores.


Soulmen said...

sunset pictures very nice. The pictures so blue! Like the museum shots.

黄國鑑 Ooi Kok Kean said...

thank you........

Anonymous said...

Long time didn't see you. I settled down in Sydney,Australia. Wei Chung

Ooi Kok Kean said...

Hi hi, wat a surprised to hear u from AUS. do add me at facebook at wahlaoehh@hotmail.com if u hv any to keep contact ya.