1 Day Jalan-Jalan and Makan-Makan @ Perak

Purpose of making this trip is to wanted try out something differents at Ipoh and the rest of the places other than Nya Choi Kai(牙菜鸡),tau fu fa(豆腐花), salked bake Chicken(盐包鸡).We started at 7pm from Butterworth after putting petrol, loading TouchNGo and of cox, ready my coffe for the journey.

7:40-8:30am - Arrived Taiping for light breakfast of HorFan Soup plus homemade fishballs. The soup is supper as you can really tastes the freshness of ikan bilis. 10:30-12pm Lunch at new Fu San Restaurant for Tim Sum. Waited almost 45mins just for a small table the west side upstairs of the restaurant. Really see people mountain people seas..good business....
1pm - 2pm Another round of lunch at Tg Tualang, Jalan Pasar for Big Head Prawns. Delicious.....:-)
2:45pm - 4:30pm Site seeing to TAR University/Jalan Hospital in Kampar/station Keretapi in Kampar/Lata Kinjang waterfall
5:30pm Light dinner at Kampar - claypot chicken rice and steam herbal soup.6:30pm Supposed to have dinner at Rasa Lian in Ipoh for crab, but also see people mountain people see then only decided to skip for next trip...
7:00-9:00pm End up having Snow beer and dinner at May Sam Restaurant in Ipoh..the beer is super chilled in the mug, what a great taste to end for the day after running here and there !! 9:00pm Heading home...:)


Soulmen said...

wah, fu shan got new place. Need to try already.

I also went to the Kampar claypot chicken rice before, Ah Sian also went there right?

黄國鑑 Ooi Kok Kean said...

yes, he introduced it before.

If u wanna try fu shan..... suggestion either reach there sharp at 6:30am when open or 11:30am. then u dun hv to wait for table liao