Makan-Makan Introduction Again - Part 14

Kek Seng Coffee Shop opposite Komtar
Address: 382-384 Jalan Penang, 10000 Penang.
Kek Seng Coffee shop should be welled know to most local Penang lang as it can be considered one of the older coffee shop that selling local specialties. In fact, there are so many food lovers should have introduced this place in their blogs far early than me.
It's located at most of the buses pass by Penang Road because this is such an important road in town which just opposite KOMTAR. What the specialties to attract me is the "ko cha" (olden day) decoration and home made durian ice-cream and ice-kacang. These 2 are the highly recommended in the shop. I just find it so "ko cha" taste making me remembered during my small age, I bought the ice-cream from the mobile ice-cream selling uncle. I don't think it can be found anywhere else now a day but now, it's at Kek Seng coffee shop. The rest of specialties I would recommended are Asam Laksa and Fried Jawa Mee.

Junction of Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shan and Jalan Penang - Salsa
By now, Salsa Restaurant is not new to Penang lang especially to those food lovers. I just happened to go with my colleagues during lunch time on Wednesday after long plan for sometimes. I like the foods and the environment.
Bukit Mertajam High School Rojak Store
Rojak......??????? Don't think local penang or northern people does not know about it. It's certainly one of the main favorite among locals as well as tourist alike. Sold in almost every part of the island from hawker stalls up to a more fancied restaurants, Penang Rojak is one of the main dish to whet your appetites whenever you are in Penang.
What make the place so attractive and interested? Pork free (Chinese uncle owned the store), all fruits and tau kua. 50sens per stick. The attraction is the kuah (shrimp black paste) mix well with peanuts. It served with normal and spicy fl avers. In addition, you have to stand and eat but not mix ready but deep the serve with the kuah when you are eating. It's a must try place if you happen to comes to BM. BM Town Best Popiah
Popiah, simple but very difficult to make it nice. Found a place by introducing from a local grown BM friend. The popiah is simple but yet, not only nice, but tasty and crispy when bite. You try it then you know what I mean.


Soulmen said...

Try before the Highschool rojak store...being from KL, i've never seen before rojak consumed like "lok-lok"...hahaha. It was a great experience and taste quite nice too. Should go back and try again.

Soulmen said...

Yesterday night went to one of your recommendations - Ananda Bahwan at Batu Ferringhi. The food really good, the best i've tasted in Penang and the price...like you said...very reasonable. Me and my friends were pleasantly surprised.

黄國鑑 said...

great to hear that. :-) hope u really enjoy....