70th Taste Alive Back

When you see from outlook, you might miss understand that it's just a tea shop that selling tea. I had been passby this shop many times but have not aware of it's actually a restaurant and somemore "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon"臥虎藏龍. The main chef is one of the 4 most famous Chef in Penang during 70's-90's. 檳榔嶼厨界的四大天王厨师. Malai Chong Chef - one of the 4 top chef in Penang during 1970's - 1990's.檳榔嶼厨界的四大天王厨师 - 马来忠All foods that he cook is not oily, not saulty, not sweet, all taste just nice, and smooth when eating. especially the taste really 70's oldern days that I still can remembered. 好古早味. 招牌菜 - 月亮照五洲月亮 - 皮蛋,咸蛋,鸡蛋五洲 - 鲜虾,鲜鱼,干扇貝,湿扇貝,貽貝Very highly recommended. I most favorite
招牌菜2- 月亮照五洲
月亮 - 皮蛋,咸蛋,鸡蛋
五洲 - 鲜虾,鲜鱼,干扇貝,湿扇貝,貽貝
招牌菜 - 三黄蛋(皮蛋,咸蛋,鸡蛋)What and how am I to descript? The taste and the smooth is can't be descript in words. You must try out yourself.
招牌菜 - 鸿图面The gravy likes sharkfin soup. One of my favorite
The gravy likes sharkfin soup. One of my favorite.
招牌菜 - 包你成功招牌菜 - 天津九不理

Shop Name : Chin Bee Tea Enterprise
Address : 124, Lebuh Noordin, 10300, Penang
Tel : 04-2611761 or 019-4293714

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