Famous Melaka Special Duck Mee

This Duck Mee shop started then business even before 1970's and well-known now still to Melaka people. It served with yellow noodle, koay tiaw or bihun. you can order either in soup or dry special made source.

The shop is just beside this Wo Wat restaurant instead.

The store now served by the son as they have another store in other places.

It taste great even the outlook is just simple and normal. The sticky sauce (not that sticky till like Penang Loh Mee) was special made from the soup in the orange bowl which comes with duck taste but not really strong that I can still accepted.Everybody comes just because of this duck mee. wanna try? Pls go early.

Loh Bak, this is Melaka specialty that totally different from Penang. The sauce is sweet and the chilli is much spicy.

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