Coob Coffee @ Komtar Walk

Coob Caffee is located at Komtar Walk which not able to observed if you driving and passing Komtar. It's because of the shop is blocking by Heaven Karaoke building. Nice ambiance and soft lighting making you enjoying the meal and coffee. The shop is just focus in coffee and originated from Japan.The manu is served with varieties of coffee's.

All photos were taken by the owner himself from Japan when visited to Hokkaido.

See......... how relax it's.

U can order coffee or cake seperately. But I highly recommended to order in set which just cost RM1.00 extra for coffee + cake. If not, coffee itself already cost RM7.90. Same to cake.The coffee is very smooth to drink even I did not adding sugar and milk.

The shop serve only 3 type of foods which are mushroom spaghetti.
Japanise Curry with chicken chop and Japanise rice.
Green Tea Coffee

Shop : Coob Coffee
Address : Komtar Walk Penang
Tel : 012-5903099
Web : http://www.coobcoffee.com/


Anonymous said...

a nice place =)
mind to share?

黄國鑑 Ooi Kok Kean said...

sure....... thanks for dropping by