Clear Soup or Tom Yam?

Found in this shop by accident. Actually wanted to go to Lebuh Cecil flat for oysters noodle, but arrived too early and the shop is not open for business yet. So I drove around the area and to look for other good and delicious food. While searching I found this newly open noodle shop..just started with their business not too long ago. Up till now, the owner only sell Clear Soup and Tom Yam, with many ingredients to add on…such as mantis prawn, pork, fish meat etc…etc. I love the fried fish and mantis prawn, it’s very crisp, very tender.

Clear soup coupled with minced meat and rice noodle makes the broth very sweet, minced meat very tendered. Really good to have it especially in the rainy days or when you are not feeling well. Tom Yam noodles, served with fried fish and mantis prawn making it a perfect match and the Tom Yam soup is not very spicy.

Blended Nutmeg Juice is another attraction in this shop. Cool Nutmeg Juice is a really Thirst Quencher drink for everyone…can also add sour plum.

Summary, the noodle is not expensive in overall. The shop open daily from 11:30am till night time. Closed on Thursdays.

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