Had you "KUI DIAO" yet?

Koay Teow is a tradition food from mainland China. Popular among Teowchew and Hokkien people, made from rice grind into powder, adding water to become slurry and steaming into a thin flat strips. This tradition food was introduced to Malaysia and Southeast Asia when our ancestors migrated here.

Koay Teow soup boiled with pig or chicken big bones, some will use beef bones as substituted. Koay Teow itself has no taste, by adding in the meat and ingredients making the taste nicer.

This stall had been in this location for decades and still standing strong as because of the soup is clear and sweet with meat taste, mix well with ingredients and sauce. Chicken meat is just right in cooking and very tender.

Small bowl just selling RM3 and big bowl is selling RM3.50.

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