Have you ordered your DUCK?

Every day after work, to and fro, sure passing thru the roadside stalls in the housing area that I stayed, which file with temporary stalls structure, sold with Tong Shui, laksa, braised pork, and duck porridge. Tasted all food and the taste are all so so nia, except duck porridge which never tried before.

Previously colleagues did informed there is a good duck porridge store in Bukit Mertajam but hard to identify the location due to the duck porridge store is in mobile. Goes places to places where the temple is having celebration or busy, they will be station there for some time. Always have bad impression deeply printed that the food there is not tasty, so automatically when seeing new stalls joining the crowd, it had been identified that the food also same!

Days when friends and I passing thru, a friend shouted say "This is the store that sell duck porridge that I told you before one lah!" My reaction is "Huh, really sure is this store meh?" A friend told me to turn back and let her identify accurately before confirmed it’s a store that she recognized. She shouted back and say “Yes lah, this is the correct store lah ! ! ! ! ! ! !” This is where we had a date with duck.

The boss said they will be station here unless there are a few frequented old temple that they been to having celebration, they will be temporarily leaving to make business there for period of time and back to original place when finished. In one day, the boss can sell up to 40-50 ducks. Each duck will go through massage, coated with spices, before hanging up for airing, freshly baked and sold.

Porridge goes well with homemade Mui Choy, the duck and sauce matched make my mouth can’t stop eating. Duck meat very tendered, the sauce is not salty, not sweet, just right to couple with the porridge.

Have you ordering your DUCK?

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